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Hi all, had a bit of a scary experience on Tuesday. Woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t walk, fell over when I got up and couldn’t move my legs. I’ve been suffering from the flu and am under a lot of stress, an MS nurse told me it was most probably a pseudo-relapse. But this has totally destroyed my confidence with walking and going out and about incase I suddenly lose all mobility. I know it’s probably me being irrational but it’s always good to get it off your chest! Has anyone had an experience like this? Any advice? Thanks!

Hi, yes I had that experience wjen I had Covid. One morning I lost the power of my walking and was constantly falling if I tried to walk. It was frightening at the tìme particularly as my husband was in the hospital with Covid. Looking back, I should have phoned the local telecare centre. I hadn't been assigned an MS Nurse at the time. By the afternoon I started to improve. My husband's consultant told him that the interraction of the Covid and MS would have caused that. So I imagine the flu would have a similar effect. On a really bad day normally my walking can be all over the place but then can improve later in the day. Hope this helps Jessie


Thank you for that. It was in the middle of the night and my pregnant partner had to help me up! Felt awful. It’s a terrifying feeling isn’t it. I hope you and your husband are well and have recovered fully!