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Seriously frustrating

Hello! Iv been posting every now and then on here, I’m still not diagnosed and I have done everything I possibly could do, in January I was sent to a specialist and we did 3T imagining on my spine and brain, my brain has lesions but no change in the last 6 months and they are non specific and my spine showed no lesions, my neurologist told me that I have spinal cord compression so she sent me to a neurosurgeon and my symptoms matched the cord compression and the mri, he said that my cord is severely compressed and that surgery is the only solution and I would need disk replacement at c5c6 vertebra , I had the surgery and my symptoms are still here and have gotten worse, he looked at my mri and said there is a white line in my spine but he can’t tell if it’s artifact or MS so he’s sending me back to neurology but that’s not until June, that’s a long ways to go especially with my symptoms. Right now I have lower eye lid twitching, burning in the back of my head , arms burn and go weak after doing simple things, hands ache, right leg feels weak, tightness in right thigh, tongue tingles, sharp pain in my feet, whole right side of body feels weak, and I’m sure these are a few I forget, I know MS can take a long time to diagnose but in the meantime how should I take care of myself? Diet, supplements, exercise? Anybody have any advice? Thank you so much for reading this!

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6 months ago

@jennlmt1 , yes, I agree, seriously frustrating. And, you’ve really been through it in trying to get a diagnosis.

Even so, you should be given some assistance to manage some of these annoying symptoms. Have a word with your Doctor and see what they can suggest.

Taking care of yourself? Diet, always a contentious subject, with various, sometimes conflicting, plans. Although, a healthy, balanced diet is a good start.

Supplements, once again various recommendations. But most of us are on a D3 supplement to start. Exercise, yes, in moderation – when your body says enough, then stop.

And, avoid stress, which is at the heart of a lot of evils in life.

6 months ago

Thank you so much for your response, my family doctor has been no help, my neurologist had me on Gabapentin but that stuff does not like me at all, I do use CBD oil that seems to help a bit. I just can’t believe that all I have done and been through that i can’t get a diagnosis. I don’t know if I’m just not finding the right doctor😐

6 months ago

@jennlmt1 , there are other options as Gabapentin didn’t work. Unfortunately Family Doctors may not be comfortable prescribing for neuropathic pain.

So, it’s down to your Neuro I’m afraid.

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