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My MS Origins Story

It began a few years ago when I had tinnitus during the summer. Both of my ears were ringing and it became very annoying. Luckily, my family doctor referred me to an ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat) specialist to see what was wrong. After getting my hearing tests done, the doctor said that my hearing was good and he didn’t see any problems. BUT, he wanted me to get an MRI to make sure that everything was clear.

A few weeks later, my family doctor’s office called and wanted me to schedule an appointment with her. Fast forward to the day of the appointment, she told me that the MRI has found 12 SMALL WHITE LESIONS in my BRAIN. No one knows what it is and, they are still investigating. She wants me to get another MRI just to make sure and, referred me to a neurologist (thankfully in Downtown Toronto).

*Fast forward after the second MRI with a CD containing the MRI images*

I received a phone call from my ENT doctor and he told me that the brain lesions in my MRI are NOT A TUMOR (thankfully). BUT wait! There’s more! This time, HE referred me to a neurologist too…

My first, last & ONLY appointment with the neurologist from my ENT doctor’s referral was so bad… he couldn’t do anything for me, and said to take 4000 units of vitamin D & see him again in 6 months. I ended up crying on my way home after that.

Luckily, my family doctor’s referral went really well. My mom and I met with the neurologist and her squad of doctors. I gave the CD to the doctor and she asked me some questions about what happened, my family history and my personal info (i.e.: ethnic background). But there’s more to the story…

Doctor: What is your background?
Me: Filipino.
Doctor: Were you born in the Philippines?
Me: Nope, born & raised in Canada.
Doctor: Now, that changes things.

I found out that Filipinos have the least chances to get what I have. But, since I was born and raised in Canada, it cancels everything out. My doctor told me that she has some patients that are going through similar situations as me and is willing to continue to see me on this journey. It’s not very often that she encounters patients who have MS without symptoms. Hence, that’s when I found out I have Radiologically Isolated Syndrome. From that point on, my mom & I agreed that she’s the real deal and I want to see where this will take me.

(I’m very grateful to my squad of doctors, family and friends who are looking out for me. I wouldn’t be here battling in my current state of MS if it weren’t for them. Love you 3000 ♥).

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5 months ago

Hi @christina_a_ and welcome.

Your ethnicity and birth location does strongly support the theory that there is an environmental factor to understanding the cause of MS.

Hopefully, with the right treatments and medical care, your prognosis will be good. 😉

5 months ago

@stumbler & Thank you!

So far, the treatment I’ve been receiving has been good to me. Every day is a constant new learning opportunity. I’ll be writing more about my life prior to my treatment on the new post.

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