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MS diagnoses at first, but positive ANA?

I need help…I feel so alone and anxious waiting. So two years ago I had my first episode of optic neuritis. No brain lesions so they did not diagnose me with MS. Well, fast forward to two weeks ago and they found two small lesions. They diagnosed me with MS. I went to a specialist and he wanted to do a bunch of blood tests to just be 100% sure. (I also had two recent miscarriages so he wanted to check some labs for that). He was going to start me on copaxone because we still want to get pregnant. Well this week all of my tests appear to be normal except the ANA with IFA which is positive 1:640 high. The other lupus tests came back negative, but on the high end (close to positive). I don’t get to meet with my doctor until Monday to go over my results and what the next step is, but he said we are going to hold off on starting MS treatment. I am googling all the possibilities and I am so confused. A few weeks ago I was completely fine and normal and went in for my routine MRI since my first relapse and my world has changed. I don’t feel any different. I walk 4-5 miles a day and he labeled me as a 0 disability. Anyone gone through this before? Know what he could be looking for next? His online message said he does not suspect lupus, but didn’t say what he does suspect. Oh, I do have Asthma and PCOS, not sure if those would trigger that test that high. Ugh.

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6 months ago

Hi @rayrayjean and welcome.

The first bit of help I can offer is to leave Dr Google alone. Random googling finds all manner of inappropriate situations and is really best avoided.

Otherwise, you have to accept the fact that MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose, with various conditions presenting the same symptoms. You just have to let the Doctors do their tests until they reach a definitive answer.

In the meantime, be happy that you are active as you are. Live healthily, eat healthily and try and banish stress from your life. This latter point is very important as it can affect all aspects of your life, even possibly your maternal aspirations.

6 months ago

stumble right get on with your life look at me l have had this more then 20years got 3 boy 31 29 26 and girl of 4 all the best to u

6 months ago

@rayrayjean, just wanted to say that I have a positive ANA. My Neurologist sent me to a Rheumatologist to find out if i had anything else or instead of, going on but all was negative. My Rheumy said the ANA+ was due to the MS.

6 months ago

@laurianne25, thank you. My doctor said that typically that test doesn’t come back positive for MS. However, I have read that it can come back positive for PCOS and even randomly for some healthy people. I will try not to worry about it at this point.

@stumbler, yes…I know I should leave Google alone, but it is so hard. I am definitely the type of person that wants answers asap lol. Thanks for the encouragement. I did have the two miscarriages prior to finding out I was diagnosed with MS. I have PCOS so it is a bit more common, but he wanted to also make sure that I didn’t have antiphospholipid antibody. But, yes, I do need to lower my stress levels.

@davidt66, wow…that is awesome and good to hear. I need more encouraging stories like that.

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