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Foot drop returns!

Hi All,

I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed but I’d been living with what I know now was MS for the year previous to that. I take Tecfidera and apart from the hot flushes it keeps everything else at bay. I was on holiday in Canada during the summer and was introduced to CBD oil, this was so significant for me because it stopped the spasms in my left leg and a sensation of pins and needles which was so bad it feels like my leg is on fire. When I came home from Canada I invested in an Ossur foot up splint which solved my foot drop and made me feel like a normal person again. I could finally walk for longer periods of time and felt like a new person, roll on 4 months and the foot drop is back even with the splint and the burning pins and needles have returned. The only thing that hasn’t come back is my leg spasms.

Has anyone had any experience of core symptoms coming and going? I really hope that this isn’t back for good but I’m feeling quite frustrated over it because I felt like I had found a work around which allowed me to be a normal person again.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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8 months ago

@sedakov , 25y in and I can say that, for me, things have come and gone in much the same way you describe. Often with new and interesting twists on the original.

I am resigned to it now and am no longer surprised. About 8y ago I was mid-lecture in Tel Aviv and my ability to speak just went. It was worde than sounding drunk. Moments later it returned and everything was normal. I blamed jet-lag, but inside was properly freaked ot. For the next 6 months ths would happen with little or no warning, last for 20-60 sec then all was fine. It hasn’t happend again.

Bloody worrying when it does happen because, despite all efforts, a little part of your brain starts catastrophising and running through the all the “what-ifs”, always the worst case scenario.

The you forget until you read something like your question and reflect.

Advice….hmmm. Never ever assume the worst and never ever let the bastard MS get on top of you is the best I can offer.

Take it easy.

8 months ago

@sedakov , the coming and going of MS symptoms can be a bit of a bellwether for your general health. Your MS will start to object if you’re doing something that it doesn’t like. That could be being over-tired, stressed, etc..

So, take time out for a bit of rest and relaxation.

I’m surprised that footdrop is causing problems when you’re wearing a splint. That shouldn’t happen.

8 months ago

@dominics Thank you so much for your reply. I feel that for the last while I’ve been forgetting words while I used to be quite eloquent it now can take me time to find the word that I’m looking for. But I have never lost the ability to speak and the thought of this scares me.

I can say that I’m worried about the future and what is coming but I’m not scared. I won’t let this get the better of me. Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it.

8 months ago

@sedakov I’m another of the old codgers, had the beast for 26 years, am 62 years old and got stopped by the police on motorway 18mths ago for being drunk whilst towing caravan! Needless to say I wasn’t drunk though I sound like it frequently. In fact I do a very good impression of being …sed as a newt at 6.30 am between the slurred speech and the wobbling, do you think I should go into showbusiness with the act? Eventually got so mad with the police (long story, see previous posts) that I swore at one, and I don’t swear (well not very often, depends how much the ms is playing up and how many things Inhave dropped that day) was taken into police custody for 4 hours for swearing at a policeman. Been driving for 43 at the time, never even got a parking ticket or been done for speeding, but it was a new experience and I’ve experienced something different, and it means I’ve got a new story to add to my after dinner repertoire if I ever get asked out that is! Learn to laugh at all the silly things that go wrong in our lives, otherwise you’ll be crying all the time. I’m an ex shorthand typist who can no longer even hold a pen, frustrated isn’t in it. Can’t find words on a regular basis, in fact we used to have fabulous games of give us a clue but I was allowed to speak. But the drunkness has good and bad days, and there are so many dmt’s now, which there wasn’t 26 years ago, that things should be a whole lot better for you in this modern age. Keep your chin up😍

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