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Dealing my MS attack

Hi there, I was diagnosed with relapse remitting MS approximately 15 years ago I had the worst attack that I’ve ever had in November, I wasn’t able to walk I had to use a cane, for the first time I had to get a disability placard for my car. And I knew the exact reason why it was so bad, my parents filed for divorce and there was so much vitriol between them, and all they did was talk to their kids about each other, my parents not really even caring that it was making my MS worse. So what did I do? For the first time in my life I decided I was going to set boundaries, you see my life and my health is way more important than anything in this world, once I started realizing that I needed to set restrictions and boundaries and take care of my health, I slowly started to get better and I promised myself I would never be put in that situation again, because the truth is yes stress is a huge factor in MS. I now am 100% better, but I also learned a huge lesson from hitting rock-bottom. Don’t let anybody Try and influence you in negative ways, I know it’s easier said than done but for us, we have multiple sclerosis, we need to surround ourselves with people who are going to bring us up in life and not bring us down. We are all warriors and we all have each other.

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9 months ago

@simmysaje , a good lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing your experience. 😉

9 months ago

Hi @simmysaje, what a brilliant post! I mean, I’m really sorry for all the mental anguish you’ve endured. But look how tough you are, supporting yourself through it and giving yourself true value. And you’re so right, we need to surround ourselves with positives, whether that’s by way of good food, or good company. Big up the Warriors! 🙂 x

9 months ago

Hi @sammysaje, totally agree, my other half announced he was leaving two years ago, I was never more pleased.He had been my carer for 20 years, but for the last 5 of those, it was done out of duty not out of love. So I fully understand about setting boundaries, I didn’t have to because now I am on my own it’s my house and my rul!es. We are warriors and we will help each other, and the rest can go hang!😍I even helped him find his flat close by so he can come and walk our dogs, but I now have to let out my spare bedrooms to pay the bills, and of course he still owns half the house but I make the rules now, I eat what and when I want, I decorate how I want, I spend my money how I want etc., so things are a lot better and will be for you, we are the most important things in the world so we need to care about US!

9 months ago

Hi @simmysaje glad u realised early on to try not to get too stressed. It’s very hard because everyday life is full of stress. Nobody seems to care so ur right to put urself first. I’m trying very hard to do the same but it’s very hard.
Take care and thanks for sharing x

9 months ago

I also learned the hard way last December, I had a relapse two days before Christmas. I woke up to half my body numb. I had been taking care of my mother in-law she was in and out of the hospital for several months. I had been taking her to doctors appt. cooking and shopping for her. We weren’t doing Christmas that year so it was the stress of taking care of her. Her family finally stepped up and took over, when I got better I just let them continue to care for her. I told them that someone who has trouble walking shouldn’t be caring for a 95 year old that can barely walk with a cane. This was my first relapse in 10 years. Potter

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