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Daily Briefing Covid-19 [27th Mar 2020]

Bonjour (Rodney?),

BoJo HAS IT – really, you’re not dreaming. I hope Rishi doesn’t. Far from perfect but an order of magnitude better than the Buffoon. IMHO.

If you haven’t seen the latest news our esteemed leader, the Tousled Haired Buffon, has tested positive for Covid-19. Whilst I wouldn’t take any delight in someone’s illness, I can only hope that Jacob Rees-Mogg and Priti Patel are at his side, with no PPE, offering support and condolences. I live in hope…

Now, if someone could convince Trump that he could have got it in a phone call that would be genius as he’d go even more crazy.

Not tragic or depressing reading but v thought provoking. Fancy your hand at choosing who lives or dies? What a ghastly situation. Have a read of this to see what Doctors are now being faced with on a daily basis
MS Stuff
Later today there will be a video with Aaron Boster MD talking ALL about DMTs and Covid-19. It is very rare to have a doctor go on record with this stuff. He is both brave and smart. I really appreciate it. Aaron’s desire is to reduce fear in the MS community by educating and empowering.

The MS Reporters channel on YouTube is another excellent thing you really ought to be signed up to. It s us, the patients, putting our (your) questions to the experts. It is never being lectured by experts. SIGN UP HERE:

More and more anecdotal reports from neuros on the #MSCOVID19 hashtag on Twitter about ever more cases of DMT treated MS patients recovering from Covid-19 infection and not being negatively affected by their DMT. This is such good news.

All clinical trials have ceased as of yesterday. The aim is to redeploy the staff – where possible – to front-line care.

IF YOU ARE ON A TRIAL NOW IT WILL BE OK. You will be managed within the trial to the trial protocol as much as possible. Stopping trials means stopping recruiting new participants and not just cutting loose existing trial participants. The biggie in the UK atm is the MS-STAT2 trial that I know several people here are on. Even better news on that is that the statins – simvastatin 80mg to be precise – are an established and well-researched drug. It is being trialled with a view to repurposing it.

Ozanimod has just received FDA (Food and Drug Administration – the US-based regulator) approval. Ozanimod is an oral once-daily immunomodulator that selectively targets sphingosine 1-phosphate 1 (S1P) and five receptors. It’s the first S1P receptor modulator approved by the FDA. The pandemic is delaying the launch. Understandably so.

What happens in the US is being seen here sooner and sooner. I don’t imagine it will be that long before it is in the armoury of tools in the UK. Watch this space.

The MS/Covid-19 interviews will soon have nurses, more females as it is 2/3 females affected, being – presently – talked to by three older white guys (we do get it!).

Talking to MS Nurses, Neurophysiotherapists and GPs to start with.
Social Stuff
This morning I went shopping. 3 weeks ago I would have been downed with a Taser and arrested by armed police if I had walked into Aldi with my collar up on my tatty Barbour, wearing a baseball cap pulled low, black surgical gloves and a mask ( that I bought a fortnight ago when things were looking moody) Nobody batted an eyelid. Get there early if you don’t want to queue into the carpark. I arrived at 0850h and was 6th in line. By the time I came out, there were a good 40 trolleys with people.

The good thing is that both Aldi and Lidl do not offer delivery nor click and collect so they have far better stock levels. Barring no flour – what is this sudden interest in home baking? Baffles me as have done it for ages. Can only imagine there will be a spike in fire callouts as people set fire to their kitchens.

I appreciate that delivery slots just don’t exist. Ensure that you are registered as immunosuppressed (Extremely Vulnerable Person)on the UK Government website here: You’ll need your NHS number to hand. Sainsbury’s will only allow delivery to people the government – through this tool – tell them are extremely vulnerable.

I cleaned everything I had touched with a mild bleach soon when I got in. Mrs S is on mercaptopurine so also immunosuppressed. It ain’t perfect but we figure it is far better than being overly cavalier.

As ever, stay safe, don’t believe half the crap doing the rounds on social media and remember, this too will pass.

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2 months ago

HEADLINE NEWS: @dominics on first-name terms with Aaron (the eminent world expert otherwise known as Dr A Boster to the rest of us!!!) Re.Spect 🙂

2 months ago

@chloec – far from exhaustive but I am trying to do this daily. Without being too political. *coughs but not like BoJo*

Brilliant site for patients to also interact with neuros. A TON of info for patients here. –

A few vids covering the major concerns. (Gavin) (Gavin) (Aaron Boster)

2 months ago

@vixen – I said to him (Aaron), “please may I call you Aaron?” He replied, “sure thing.”

Aaron it is. Same goes for Gavin. Would you like to try and say Giovannoni all day? Not me 😉

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