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Alcohol tolerance/plegridy.

I have been quite a binge drinker since the age of 16 (going out at weekends etc) and last few years I guess me and my wife will have a bottle of wine each a few times a week. I got diagnosed with ms last year but generally haven’t had too many problems apart from health anxiety.

This week on 2 separate occasions Iv had half a can of beer and almost feel wasted! I have been on plegridy for 5 months with no problems. I’m really worried something in my body had gone wrong as I shouldn’t be intolerant to literally a few sips of 4% beer?! Is there any correlation to ms and alcohol? Anyone found anything like this?

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10 months ago

10 months ago

Hi @blagaman182!

Omg I was just talking to my mom about this ( I was also a party head at a young age). It happens to me as well and it is to the point where I stay away from hard liquor and def. don’t mix haha I know for me it would happen because the days of going out every weekend & the way I would drink has ended + I changed my diet when I was diagnosed so I would feel it more now. I feel like that could have something to do with it. Can’t hang anymore! haha

10 months ago

When I was on Rebif a half of glass of wine would do me in and it also tasted funny. When I started on Tecfidera I could drink wine again and it tasted good but I had lost my want for it. I now will only drink a glass of wine with a meal or split a beer with my husband. It sounds like to me you had a drinking problem, maybe you will get lucky like me and give it up. I never drank to a excess before, I didn’t like the feeling of being drunk. Potter

10 months ago

@potter drinking problem is a very broad term but i agree. I think theres millions round the country with the same issue. I had 2 glasses of wine the other night and was fine so i dont know if my anxiety is playing tricks on me.

10 months ago

In this area of the US binge drinking is a term used for people that have no control over their alcohol. We had a friend like that we knew he drank but didn’t realize how much until we ran into him and he was sober. Totally different personality, very smart guy got through college before the school found out he hadn ‘t been to high school. He got his degree to be a physicians assistant but never worked at one because he couldn’t stop drinking. We lost touch with him when the police were looking for him. Potter

10 months ago

I’m on Tecfidera and seem to have the opposite problem, used to be quite a binge drinker and went out drinking nearly every weekend for about 20 years. It got to the point where the hangovers were unbearable so I completely stopped about 5 years ago but now on the odd occasion when I do have a drink (Weddings etc) you would expect me to be falling over after a few pints but I find it hard to get drunk now, I sink several pints and don’t feel any different, just really tired and need to run to the toilets every 15 mins! I have to drink spirits if I want to get drunk but even then my tolerance is much higher than it used to be, still get horrendous hangovers though (in bed for 3 or 4 days usually) so it’s very rare that I have a drink these days

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