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A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis can leave people to live a life full of uncertainty about their condition and future 🤔 It’s common for the conversation around the progression of MS to go untalked about, in clinic and around family and friends 😕 It’s the elephant in the room 🐘 it’s the thing that nobody wants to talk about. It often leaves MSers feeling alone and afraid.        

“I know it’s different for everyone, but I wonder how quickly peoples’ MS has progressed from invisible at diagnosis to obvious mobility problems...?” - Shift.ms member.

Sidecar 🏍️💨 is a film that tells the story of MSers tackling the fear of onset of advanced MS and the impact this may have on their quality of life. This highly emotive, thought provoking film explores the challenges of handling the psychological burden that comes with new disease activity, such as relapses and loss of mobility.

The compelling film will speak out about the unsaid fears that MSers go through, offering a perspective on how they and their support network manage and respond to the challenges of disease progression. The purpose of this film is to empower MSers to communicate and manage the challenges of disease progression 💚💪

How do you cope with the prospect of your MS advancing? Do your family and friends understand your condition? Share your thoughts on the Shift.ms forum.  

Sidecar is written and directed by Rory Alexander Stewart and produced by Oliver Kassman. Cathy John, Sam Billington and George Pepper are executive producers.