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We want to say thank you to MS nurses for their contribution to the MS community 🙏 🙌 A.M. is Shift.ms film that tells the story of MS Nurses and in doing so tells the everyday stories of people living with MS. 👩⚕️👨⚕️

The MS nurse is the often unsung hero of any MS team. They are the primary contact point for someone living with MS and as such receive more than their fair share of the burden of care. It’s their phone that rings first and their face that MSer sees the most. It’s their responsibility to listen and provide the emotional support that someone living with MS sometimes needs. Their life is busy and the pressures of the job are heavy, so we have created a film that tells their story.

The production of the film was closely advised by MS specialist nurses Daisy Cam from Sheffield and Julie Taylor from York, who worked with the Shift.ms production team to advise on their day to day professional routine and also give insight into what happens before and after they’re at work.

Is your MS nurse the unsung hero of your MS team? Let’s show our appreciation for MS nurses.