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Don't leave MSers with no-one to turn to HCP
The community for newly diagnosed MSers
Peer-to-peer support, 24/7


"Shift MS creates positive communities where patients, caregivers and professionals can connect and learn from one another. This sense of community is invaluable for nurses, providing them with a network of support and resources to better understand and address the needs of MS patients."
" has been an essential support in my role as an MS nurse. To be able to signpost people at diagnosis and those re-entering healthcare at points on their journey with this disease, has been crucial. I've received such good feedback over the years of the Buddy Network and how it has made a difference to a person's life by providing a positive link with someone who has MS."
“ has been great source of support for my patients. The peer to peer support they offer has been invaluable to my patients when living with the challenges of MS.” is a community of 59,000 members run by MSers, for MSers, that supports the newly diagnosed by connecting them with others who understand.

Through peer to peer support, we help MSers adapt to diagnosis and empower them to make proactive decisions.

We are available 24/7 to compliment the essential care you provide.

What our community says

This group is truly amazing! You don’t feel alone in all of this and it is a lot to take in.
For all the medical professionals have read up about it, they will never really get it. That's not a criticism, just an observation. People here really do get it! makes me feel comfortable and confident enough to actually talk about MS and allows me to connect and read about people and their relationship with MS. Thank you for giving us a voice!
So thankful for the chance to talk with others about it and learn from other people how to cope with it.

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Do you want a better understanding what your patients are going through?

Understand what MSers are going through.
Hear about the needs and experiences of MSers in their own words.

What did the Buddy Network give to you?What did the Buddy Network give to you?

Impact on MSers

of MSers say that has helped them to connect with like-minded people to speak to about their MS.
of newly diagnosed MSers feel that has helped them deal with the uncertainties of having MS.
of newly diagnosed MSers agree that has improved their knowledge of the ways they can manage their MS symptoms.
🤝 complements the essential care you provide by supporting MSers between appointments; we want to support you too by sharing the lived experience of the MS community.


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