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Young, newly diagnosed please help

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with MS about 3 weeks ago. At the moment I’m trying hard to stay positive as I’ve hesrd negative comments from people that I should live my life before it’s too late etc. Unfortunatly my MS is really active so I have been given a choice of lemtrada or Tysabri? I’m struggling which one to pick as they have such bad side effects. Is anyone able to give me their experience of both treatments positive and negatives? Anything that’s helped them in terms of diet and excersise? I used to run 5k every day, before I was diagnoised now whenever I run I get extremely bad burning legs and lower back pain. I’m worried about the Thyroid problems that lemtrada gives as I don’t want to put on weight and I also have a blood clotting problem. I’d love to speak to someone around my age too 20-30? And hear you experiences as in yet to find someone in this category but any advice anyone any age is willing to give would be a big help. I feel quite lonely and vulnerable at the moment due to numbness in my leg and struggling to walk, not many people understand MS as it is an invisible illness. Thank you in advance!
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