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Steroids - advice

Hi, I have just had a relapse after 4 years which has come as a shock as I’ve been super healthy and enjoying bootcamps and climbing mountains. I now am struggling to walk so the neurologist have given me steroids. Last time I had them 4 years ago I had memory loss, confusion, low pulse, felt sick and of course the horrible taste in your mouth. Does anyone have anything they think helped before I take them? Tomorrow is the big day and I’m dreading it but feel like it’s needed for me to recover quicker as I’m hoping to be better to celebrate the big 30 in style!

Sorry to hear this. I haven’t long finished the steroids and managed fine, despite the side effects they said I could get. I took them at exactly the same time every day (7am) to prevent the sleep issues in the evening and after a good breakfast. I was given omeprazole to protect the stomach (took before popping the steroids) and that seemed to work.


Thanks @Lauloo thats encouraging to read. Do you think they worked and did you not get any side effects? Also did they tell you to stay away from people for 7-10 days?