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Hi guys hope all is going well for ye.just need some advice on a drug that I'll be starting soon on.its called malvenclad. Just wondering has anyone tryed it ,or on it now at the moment. This will be my third drug to try since been diagnosed april 2019 with MS .tecifedra was the first drug I had taken but it wasnt working for me as I was still have liaisons as it showed up in my MRI .I then started on tysabri which is a infusion in the arm once a month .the first month I fell great after it.but unfold second time round I was so lucky 😒I had a bad allergic reaction to it.In which I got hard to breath and and tightness across my chest. Which landed me in the emergency room for two nights. So I'm hoping malvenclad will be the drug for me.🤞🤞.so at this moment I feel like crap.im so fatigue my body is stiff a sore most of days.and alot headaches lately.i just want to be back to some sort of normality so I can enjoy doing things again with my daughters. So any advice would be much appreciated #staystrong# #myMsfriends# #havefaith#

@tess5959 , put "Mavenclad" into the Forum Search (magnifying glass, top right) to find previous posts on this. PS why are Irish lasses all so pretty?


@stumbler.thank you for that.got the info about the malvenclad . And the answer to your question. Why are the Ireland girls good looking. .there must be something in our water that makes us irish girls good looking.😂😂