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strength training/exercise

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I have a strength training plan which i have completed, had 3 months off from doing weights about a year and a half ago as had a subaceous cyst removed and so when got back into in, I re did the plan I had. Then did it again, 3 rd time, upping my weights, managing ok til one day i had a very shaky right knee,another weird sensation at the time to add to the list of weird things happening to me. Anyway, I got my diagnosis last Tuesday, and now i know that this is not anything spinal where I am going to do more damage, I want to get back to where i was on my weight loss journey and healthier lifestyle.I am just feeling very lost at the thought of the gym.I am very self concious, and don't know what to do to warm up where i'm not using my legs so much as the stumbling and knees giving way are a bit of pain in the ass when it comes to the treadmill and crosstrainer. I could try the bike, I am just scared i get off it and fall over!