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Is Lhermitte’s considered to a relapse??

Hi again everyone, I have a question about Lhermitte’s sign/symptom. Out of nowhere last week I started feeling a very subtle buzz/vibrating sensation - it was so subtle it felt like it could have been my chair creaking or my stomach gurgling, but as last week went on, it has gotten stronger and stronger in my legs and lower back. I have now made the connection that it happens when I lean my neck forward or bend forwards and it seems very much like Lhermitte's from what I’ve read about it. I have contacted my MS nurse but she’s on annual leave and I’ve not had a reply. Is this something that would be considered to be a relapse and will I need a course of steroids for this? I’ve not yet started a DMT - I have my follow up neuro appointment in a couple of weeks where I’ll be getting all of the results from my LP, evoked potentials and MRI, so will hopefully be starting either Tecfidera or Lemtrada. I’ve had a few tingly symptoms recently after my LP and evoked potentials that were short-lived and cleared up after a week or so, but this is the first thing that has me quite worried as it only seems to be getting worse not better ☹️😕 Would be good to hear any of your similar experiences or advice! Sophie x

Hey Sophie Hope it gets better soon, sure it will... I have had it twice... and in both case was relapse, that just my experience... funnily enough I had lesion in the neck which was active and so the neck movement seems to make sense for my scenario in that stretching active inflamed areas would cause a sensation at least in some people, not sure holds true for all... Does it mean major minor mild I don't know, but no harm to get it checked so you know for the next time... My view on these things is simple, get as much attention as you can MRIs whatever, so the next time you know what it means... be forceful... demand u want it


@seanachai thank you, that’s really helpful! I should add that I had my free flu jab last weekend, so I’m also slightly suspicious that that may have something to do with it! I had a horrible injection site reaction. Do you have any experience of flu jab reactions?