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Hi All, This is my first post - I wish everyone the very best in this heat, as I know it's rough... To briefly introduce myself, I was diagnosed with RRMS in January and start Ocrelizumab treatment next month - it'll be a huge relief once I formally start the process and hopefully reduce the relapses. I tested positive for Covid over the weekend to make things even more exciting during this hot spell (!) - the Covid symptoms themselves were largely manageable in my case, but it was the MS responses it triggered that's been the problem ie intense pains through my brain and back! That being said, after consulting 111 and getting antivirals delivered, things appear to be rapidly improving - hopefully, the sense of taste will reappear soon as well... All the best and keep safe. Rich

Ugh! Yes, hopefully taste comes back soon! My daughter said that was the worst part of having Covid. Hope your MS symptoms subside as well. Welcome to the group😀


Thanks very much! 👍