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In need of some reassurance over the feelings I am getting at the moment. MS seems to literally be different for everyone!!! My hands have been a little shaky for a few years now. Very subtley but I can notice it. I'd say its more of a quiver and more so when I'm holding something. For the past few days I've felt it more throughout out my body, down my legs and a numbness vibrating around my mouth. My legs, knees and wrists feel weak so I'm wondering if I'm having a relapse. It's been a stressful week and I've recently come out of the closet about my MS. I've spoken to my MS nurse and she thinks it's anxiety. It's like I have a subtle quiver internally and at times butterflies in my tummy like when you have drunk a strong coffee. I have to stay away from Google as my mind escalates and I think I've got something far worse than MS! Does anyone experience this?
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