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📽️ Womanhood episode 4: MS & sex 🎇😯

Has MS impacted your sex life? Sex, intimacy and pleasure is hugely impactful to quality of life but let’s be real, for any MSer, discussions about sex can be awkward. In episode 4, Roxy, Emma, Evie, Katt and Shereena talk candidly about MS and sex. Fatigue, numbness, loss of libido, over-sensitivity, dating, trust, honesty, confidence, sex aids. There’s no topic off the table. If the Womanhood crew can talk so openly about sex, you can too. How did your MS diagnosis affect your sex life? Who did you speak to? Do you have any advice to share? Comment below ⬇️ And remember if you have any concerns, speak to your healthcare team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO0ZnhGIric



Thank you for this video. Sex is important for everyone, including women. Therefore society shouldn’t brush certain topics under the table.