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Have you experienced loneliness because of your MS?

In this episode of MSers React Dave, Roxy, Katt and Heather respond to posts on Shift.ms about loneliness. Have you experienced loneliness because of your MS? If so you’re not alone! If you have an experience to share, or a way that you’ve learnt to adapt then please share your story in the comments below. https://youtu.be/2scKexr3Ouc Check out other MSers React episodes👇 • Dating with MS: https://bit.ly/msersreact-dating • Revealing your MS: https://bit.ly/msersreact-revealingms • Diet and MS: https://bit.ly/msersreact-diet • Exercise and MS: https://bit.ly/msersreact-exercise

All the time. I feel left behind and left out. No invites, no one sends pictures or call to talk, no one checks to see if I am going or wanna go or can go anywhere. I feel like nobody even miss me.


I guess I will always be single because I always say to myself when I feel attracted to a women "she deserves better" "she'd never want to have to deal with this shit" "I couldn't do that to her"