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Homelessness & MS

Right, where to start? I've SPMS, diagnosed 20 years ago. I'm currently employed full time, on a 'middling' salary. I've also recently separated from my wife. I also was hospitalised with a relapse in the summer, the hospital discharge team assessed my rental accommodation as unsuitable as I'm full time wheelchair user. I was then put up in a hotel as temporary placement until interim residence found by the local authority (Hackney). I'm now in a hostel, awaiting decision on whether Hackney can provide a full duty of care. If so, I'll be able to join the register for social housing and bid for properties, or so I gather. This all has been a nightmare and incredibly dispiriting. I'm technically homeless. Does anyone have any advice on how to engage with the local authority so I can get housed appropriately? I've been looking in the private sector for rentals, but there's very, very little out there for wheelchair users. I've made the local MP know and also raised a complaint with the local authority, as the level of 'service' is shoddy. Thanks for anything you may be able to throw my way.