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Hi I only got diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I got diagnosed while in hospital and they just told me I had relapse and remission and sent me on my way and told me ill be seen in outpatients the waiting time is up to 10 weeks. I'm really confused and scared I don't understand what's happening what I'm supposed to do in this time. I went to hospital because my right leg has gone numb and I can't feel sharp soft or hot and cold not anything. my left leg got very weak. I couldn't walk or dress myself. They gave me 5 days of steriods when I left the hospital. That helped a lot with my left leg and done nothing with my right. Sence then iv had a lot of pain in my back. Also tightness in my tummy And ribs. I keep trying to see a doctor they just gave me codine and told me to wait for my appointment with neurology. 🤢😭😦