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Dear Fellow MS ers

Dear Friends. My name is Rami. I was diagnosed with MS in 1985, when I was a 21 year old I got Optic Neuritis, For those not medically literate or knowledgeable, my right eye started flickering like a windshield wiper. The Drs in emergency thought I had a brain aneurism, burst or bulging blood vessel. It freaked me out, and my parents flew to Omaha Nebraska from their workplace in Saudi Arabia. I remained fit, and ran a sub 4 hr marathon in 1992. That's fast! I taught Business to degree level, gained 3 degrees and a masters.(all after diagnosis). I continued running until my divorce in 2011. I guess the stress of divorce was the magic pill that brought back my symptoms with a vengeance , unmerciful and unabated. I started using a cane in 2011, graduated to 2 canes by 2012, then a walker. I currently use a wheelchair because I got sick of falling. Thats where I am today, in a wheelchair and nursing home. I can still walk 50 meters with my walker. My MS type is primary progressive. Let me end on a positive note. I wrote 150 page book about MS which I hope to turn into a blog soon. Keep exercising friends, do yoga. Avoid gluten, and stay positive. God bless you all. Would be my pleasure to contact anyone interested, if only to share our common gift of misery, MS. Yes I use humor to fight depression.

@raminazzal Sorry to hear your in a wheelchair now, but you must be proud that you have made some nice accomplish ments before this point. Be proud and stay in contact we love to hear from all. Stay safe🙂


@raminazzal , I do wish Doctors would not think out loud whilst they are searching for a cause. We don't need to know what they think it might be! Congrats on your academic achievements, as well as that marathon time. That's something to share with your grandchildren. Keep up the attitude. Don't let the ******s grind you down.....