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Optic neuritis and Computer usage

Hi all. I am Radhika (21 yrs old) from India. I am new to this community and find it really supportive. My diagnosis was in 2015 (when I was 18 with RRMS), since then there has been three relapses. Each time there has been varied symptoms, but severity was shown in the form of optic neuritis every time. Last month had my third relapse, was on IV steroids and oral steroids. Luckily, I have recovered from the severe blurred vision and Edema that I had with my right eye. I have started on Tecfidera now. I am currently in third year of my Bachelor of Engineering course in Computer Science and Engineering. My neuro suggests that since my eyes seem to be the weakest spot, its better for me to shift from this domain and move onto an entire different domain that avoids looking at computer screen for longer hours. My doctor would like me to protect my eyes by doing so since every time recovery may not happen as expected. I am really worried since I might have little options to look at beyond a job as Software developer in the IT industry and equally worried if long time computer screen exposure in such job will lead to much severe version non-recoverable versions of optic neuritis. Has anyone been in a similar situation that made u change your career path ? Should I completely decide on leaving Computer Science domain and start looking at other options for a job? Kindly expecting suggestions / opinion. Thanks in advance.

Hi @radhika01 , I think it's unreasonable to suggest a change after the time you've invested. Computer screens can have their brightness turned down. And, on modern screens, you can switch "Eye Saver" mode on, which is kinder to the eyes. If necessary, the resolution can be adjusted and the text size increased. So, you can make reasonable adjustments if necessary.


Hi @stumbler, Yes, I get your point of using the systems in the most suitable and kinder way. Your point is surely a stronger one to be considered. Thanks much for your response.