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“With your history”

It’s a new phrase I’m realising I’m going to have to get used to. Today I spilled the flask of boiling hot tea I was making down my front. No big deal, bit sore, followed the steps on the HSE site by taking a 20 minute cool shower over it and wrapping in clingfilm. Thought I’d best be careful and call my health insurance phone doctors to confirm I was good. They said to go see a pharmacist. Went to a lovely pharmacy who said “ohh it’s a bit big so best go double check”. So now I write this on my phone lying on my back with my belly out, covered in gel, with a consult for the plastic surgeon in the main city going on and a tetanus booster in my future. Only because of my history. Ocrevus if you stop the lessons I am still a fan but this immunocompromised thing needs work!. I know it’s better to be safe than sorry but I don’t half miss just being able to shrug things off and be like “ah sure it’s a bit worse than sun burn” 😅 And that’s my whine of the day

Damn that sounds very painful how are you feeling now?


ouch that must be really sore - or not, depending upon how skewy your skin sensations are. I never feel cooking burns and have a habit of picking things up without oven gloves. Does the ocrevus hinder the healing? I hope it doesn't scar too badly and that you're not suffering too much