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Diagnosis with no relapses

I was diagnosed a few months and was very fortunate to be offered Lemtrada. I had my first attack two years ago which came out of the blue. The right side of my body was affected, I couldn't move my arm, that side of my face, my leg was a bit wonky and my speech was very slurred and I also had a seizure. It really shocked me, although looking back ignoring the increasing numbness in my hands and face and the headaches probably wasn't the best idea! Since then I have been pretty good, when I'm tired my hand gets a bit shakey, my speech is a little slurry and generally I'm a bit more forgetful (that thing, you know the thing that does that thing!) and oh, and I'm always tired! But thankfully, no relapses. I found the last two years difficult, I'm a teacher and so am constantly on my feet and working silly hours, but I get through it. Emotionally it took quite a toll, I spent a long time trying to get over what happened. The consultant mentioned at the time that it could be MS but after so long I finally found some peace with what has happened, trying to tell myself that it was over. However, the latest MRI revealed a number of new lesions and I was diagnosed. What I would be so interested to hear is other people experiences of being diagnosed after one attack and how they have dealt with it. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to have Lemtrara (2 months post infusion and doing well, just tired) but I still feel like I am trying to make sense of it all! Thanks :) x