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New brain lesions-active

Hi guys, i 'm new here and glad that i found you. Well, i 'm newly diagnosed(Sept. 2022) and on copaxone for 6 months (since Dec. 2022). My new mri scans showed new active brain lesions to have been added up to the already existing inactive multiple ones. The situation on my cervix has got better and my thorax lesions remain the same. My clinical situation is good. No visible problems except for a tiny weakness on my left hand and urged incontinence (i take betmiga 25mg). My doctor put forth two possible solutions, the one that i take cortisone and continue with the same treatment and the other to change to tysabri. I don't know...i am thinking about it because i also suffer from cin1 on my matrix cervix and i would also like to cryopreserve my eggs soon so as to be able to become a mother in the future...i am 39 years of age. Meh...any ideas? What do u think? Thank you in advance 🙃

take cortisone as ... like continuously? Because that sounds like a nightmare... but only because I react pretty badly to it. I'd change to a new treatment, I did too because my first didn't work well for me either.


I guess he meant to take cortisone for about 3 days, like the first time when i was diagnosed, so as to suppress the inflammation and then continue with copaxone. When i took cortisone for the first time, in Sept. 2022, i had the feeling of general sickness, too.