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Head mri diazepam

Hi everyone, I have been diagnosed with rrms since 2010. I have had many mri's. I find myself now suffering with severe anxiety regarding mri. I had to cancel my routine mri, due to my severe anxiety. I have been given 10mg of diazepam to take before mri. I have never taken diazepam. I take clonazepam for tremors at night. I have also been told recently that I have mild sleep apnea. Can anyone tell me there experiences with diazepam? If you have taken it to have a mri? Thanks for any help.

Hi. I took 20mg of diazepam for my last one. I asked for the most they could give me as I'm distraught with anxiety and the impact stays with me for days. I managed it really well with the higher dose. I was still nervous but I was able to manage the nerves. I was told to take an hr before mri. I was very drunk like very quickly after taking it and I couldn't walk straight. Slurred speach but only a little not sure anyone would have noticed but i felt different. I definitely felt ok though and calm. My partner drove me to the hospital. It really helped me and i got through it. Hope it helps you. Good luck with it. I completely understand how you feel.


I ask for some whenever I have an MRI , it means I can keep still and not panic ( I am a bit claustrophobic) When I was going through the diagnostic process I was given some diazepam and it really helped. I know it can be addictive etc etc but if you have a low dose and use it sensibly it’s fantastic.