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Hard day

I am feeling very down today. I was diagnosed a year ago at age 20 with RRMS. I have tried to just ignore the fact I have ms but yesterday i learned that most people with RRMS will develop SPMS. Is that true? I am terrified of SPMS :( my ex boyfriend’s dad had PPMS and it was so hard watching him get sicker and sicker untill he died at age 55. It was just horrible. He had one of the most progressive cases in my country and I know he was just very unlucky but I am very afraid that I will end up like him and die young. I am recieving Truxima infusions which I also am kind of iffy about because it’s still in trials and I kind of feel like I am a test subject. I feel mad at the world today. Sorry for this depressing text I just had to get it off my chest:(

Huge step in comin in and posting your thoughts.


Had to look up Truxima. It’s very similar to rituximab and ocrelizumab which have long safety histories and are very effective so I wouldn’t worry about that drug! Even before the current highly effective drugs, only 51-55% of patients were diagnosed as SPMS. Now we’re in different territory. It’s likely a lot less will progress to this stage now. But no one has figures for you as the drugs are so recent. How many more advances will there be in the next 20 years? Time is on your side. The likelihood is that you will live your life, pursue the career and relationships you want with not much inconvenience from ms at all. Keep busy, follow a healthy way of living and don’t worry about things you can’t control.