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Newbie Bit confused

Hi I’m not 100% diagnosed in fact im in the dark, I have suspected I may have ms for around 3-4yrs but put off seeking help things are just getting worse to the point my mobility is now being affected, I made a list of things bother me ie painful spasums weird vibrations and many other things and went through them with doctors on phone they then prescribed me amitriptyline and quinine but never discussed what they thought was wrong with me just told me im out of time for that appointment, I’ve looked up those drugs the side effects are a bit scary but what I really want to know is do you think the doctor is suspecting ms as im totally in the dark I just want to know what’s wrong so I can set about making holistic changes that may help sorry for long post lolly

Hi Lolly, So, when it came down to my experience, I was suffering with vision loss in right eye which started very as an innocent Blurriness, and it did envolved within weeks to almost complete blindness on one eye. In the same time I have had lost sensation in the arm, and it was spreading down to fingers, and up to shoulder and further. I went to gp, he straight away did referred me for MRI.


Lolly, I was pretty stunned to discover that most gps know very little about MS or similar spinal/neural conditions. The specialists are good but all booked up a year in advance and won’t see you without a referral. To be fair it’s not an easy thing to diagnose and I only really took my symptoms seriously when I had a more serious relapse and my left leg stopped working. They took me seriously then too and the referral Process began. I think a lot of people with ms realise after diagnosis that they’ve had it a while. For me during Covid the numbness, brain fog and dizziness never felt that important but I don’t regret doing more earlier. While the clarity is nice the drugs I take for pain don’t really help anyway, and my treatments (though they must be stopping things from progressing) don’t make a jot of difference. The link with mental health is so close to so stay positive, try not to worry, be strong and keep building the picture for your gp.