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Beta Interferons or not

Hi, I was diagnosed last year aged 56 after an MS attack. I have nerve damage in my feet and various symptoms which come and go. My consultant has suggested that I start on Beta Interferon injections which appear to have a lot of side effects. I want to keep working and I have responsibilities and people who rely on me so I'm not sure if I want the side effects. I'm wondering whether to wait and see how my symptoms are or if to start on the meds. It seems to be a very difficult decision and my MS nurse says it's entirely up to me to weigh up the risks and benefits. I haven't managed to find any trials for people my age. Any advice anyone? Thanks.

Hi - I’ve linked some videos on YouTube from an MS neurologist you may find helpful. https://youtu.be/4PrxbRPJ61A?si=GX-l-eQqmeq45MTj https://www.youtube.com/live/vvI2E5_a0p8?si=3guh7SNQ90OFxZXh - Diagnosis over 40 carries the risk of faster progression - speaking about the population group (no-one can tell you what your individual risk is) - Beta interferons are the lowest efficacy medications there are for MS along with copaxone. They’re not that good, and ideally you should ask if you are eligible for another drug. But they are better than nothing. - Medications in MS broadly follow the higher the risk, the higher the reward principle. The most effective meds - Tysabri, Ocrevus, Kesimpta, Lemtrada - have the highest risk. - IMO An MS relapse or progression of MS is worse than the vast majority of medication effects.