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Short covid story

Hi all, I had my covid booster on the 9th of September and my Kesimpta injection on the 10th. I tested covid +ve on the 23rd. Now it's easy to think that having both so close together is why I ended up with covid only; the day before, my partner had tested covid +ve (17th) we made love. He wasn't feeling unwell at the time. As soon as we knew he was +ve, we isolated from each other, it normally works, we're both front-line NHS staff. However, it seems not to work if you have already recently shared bodily fluids. Now, I feel like I have a nasty cold, but I would recommend if you are offered a covid booster, you have it, I am not in hospital after all just feeling crappie, and my normally silent MS symptoms are occasionally screaming.

It's not an exact science but I think the vaccines and boosters take a couple of weeks to be fully effective rather than it being based on the fact you exchanged bodily fluids. Sorry you are feeling so crappy and it's caused your symptoms to have a party. That absolutely sucks because it's like double the punishment


I agree, and the Kesimpta reduced my immune system at the same time. As I said to my dad (minus the sex part), the vaccine doesn't stop us getting Covid, it reduces the symptoms when and if we do.