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MS and visual arts

Hi there!! I have just discovered this website!! I just want to say that social networks really worked for me when I was diagnosed with MS (that was 2 years ago). Accepting it wasn't easy job but being in touch with people in the same situation was very helpful, specially when family lives in a different country! I was doing my BA in photography as an adult while I started with my symptoms. 2 years of frustration and anxiety for “what is gonna happen?” moved me to research MS for my final project. I am pleased I have finished it, but I would like to carry on working within the means of MS in a social and cultural frame in the future (I will leave the medical side for doctors and nurses!!). The degree show is coming up (next week!) and my emotions are divided between excitement and fear; a public disclosure of my condition. If there is anybody here that would like to have a look at the work and write something about it, I will be more than happy to hear it. http://www.cristinacalvophotography.com/index.php/places/a-disappointed-woman/ Thank you!

i really like it, it strikes me as a powerfUl, if understated comment on the personal experience of the condition. so many of the symptoms are invisible and slowly accumulate to immerse you. the mri soundtrack at the beginning speaks directly to anyone who has ever been scanned. good luck with your show, and ms.


Hi Kristina, your work is really interesting, the film particularly, brought back lots of feelings - diagnosis time and further hospital appointments where I was going through absolute hell and turmoil inside whilst everyone around you is chitter chattering banal institutional stuff - its a strange combination. Love the Dalston portraits as well. good luck with the show, well done!