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First time on steroids

After being diagnosed with RRMS earlier in the year, I'm just going through my most severe relapse whilst I've been waiting for my second scan. They've put me on IV steroids and I feel terrible: slightly less dizziness, slightly more stability, but absolutely exhausted. With both treatments the IV arm really aches during treatment. What is your experience of IV steroids? My expectations might have been too high.

How many days are you on IV treatment? Well my experience; appetite changes, meaning it affects your weight. I always gain and drink lots of water. It feels horrible you get metallic taste after couple days. But you will feel better after 3-5day course.oh n you may or may not experience insomnia.


I had a 3 day course of steroids in hospital after a mix up and after a month of my first lot of ms symptoms… it caused a lot of pain for me too, also new symptoms came out as soon as I was put on IV… tingles and other sensations I’d never experienced before. It took me a few weeks to recover. My naturopath told me steroids cause calcium to leach out of bones, so if low in calcium this can cause pain. Hope you’re doing ok.. it’s pretty awful and terrifying to experience.