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In Limbo Land

Hi Guys, in Limbo land at the moment waiting for MRI scan on Aug 4th. Started with pins and needles in both hands and feet a couple of years ago, various blood test, diagnosed with coeliacs last October, this year pins and needles came back, last 2 months has progressed worse. :-(

Just to add, tingling, numbness, over tired, prickling, left side has got worse these last few days with pains on top of the prickling, pins and needles and numbness, legs very week with aching knees, numbness and prickling in left face, wobbly spells when i close my eyes or in the dark. i'm nervous about MRI, think im more worried if it dosnt show anything, read so many posts about people left in limbo land :(


I'm sure your doctors will continue to check what is wrong if your MRI comes back clear. My lesions were very small on the MRI so they did a lumbar puncture to confirm the MS, but I was on meds within a week or so after the MRI as I was so symptomatic. Good luck and try not to worry until you have to x