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Earlier last month I got up and whilst getting ready to take my kids to school and I started shaking. I lifted my mascara and could not keep it still. My hands and arms wouldn’t stop shaking. I rang the nurse and he said i should rest, rest, rest. A week later it was still happening, so the nurse brought me in to the hospital because it definitely sounded like a relapse. My legs, arms, hands - all were shaking ridiculously. My consultant kindly checked me out before his clinic started, and I explained this had never happened before. I also mentioned I’d been itching at night a lot, all over without being able to ease it by scratching. Another new sensory symptom. No infection was found, so couldn’t have been down to that. BUT he was confident that I wasn’t having a relapse. I didn’t understand how he knew that. He prescribed some pregabalin to help with these new symptoms, and requested an MRI. He said that’s the only way he’d know for sure what was happening. What’s bugging me is that he was so sure I wasn’t relapsing, but why would he think that when these symptoms were brand new, and not going away like it does in a usual MS flare-up? And if it’s not a relapse then why would he request a scan? I’m new to all this, having only been diagnosed RRMS in April. But am I missing something? All the info I’ve learnt about recognising a relapse and when to act on it seems to have flown out the window 🤔 Anybody else have any experience that’s similar?

I am not medically trained so please take this response with a pinch of salt- Shaking uncontrollably isn’t a common relapse symptom so the DR may have felt confident that it’s not a relapse. They may want to get an MRI to see if something else is going on causing the shaking. Sometimes that type of symptom can be caused by stress/ anxiety called psychogenic tremors or functional tremors- treatment can vary but can include cognitive behaviour therapy. They need to rule out other neurological causes essentially. Good luck, hope you manage to get some answers soon


That makes total sense now I’ve thought about it. To be honest, as much as I am sure it can’t be anxiety or anything similar, I do wonder about the possibility of there being some other condition at play. I guess time will tell! Thanks for your input 🙂