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Optic neuritis hope

Hi, just a little bit of background I was diagnosed with ms in 2020 following an episode of optic neuritis and a severe relapse about 2 months after. I fully recovered from my second relapse, however the optic neuritis never fully recovered. I went complexly blind in my left eye and I am now left with about 70% vision in that eye. Mainly contrast and colour affected. I just need some positivity and hope. Obviously I am just so scared about it happening in my good eye. I am on Tecfidera now, have been for 2 years and so far relapse and symptom free (touch wood). Does anyone have any recovery stories of optic neuritis after 2 years or even just reassurance I’m not going to end up completely blind? Please only positive comments - I don’t think I can take any negative! Thanks :)

Hi there. I definately know how you're feeling because I suddenly lost my vision in my right eye 1 year ago and am hopeful everyday that it will return.I've had ms since 2007 and optic neuritis 1 other time. The best advice that I can give is at least we still have the vision in one eye and its not very common to lose it in both. I guess we just need to think positive thoughts and hope for the best. Good luck to you.


Optic neuritis was my first ms symptom in 2015. Unfortunately, my right eye never fully recovered, and I'm left partially sighted in that eye. But on a positive note, 7 years later, my left eye is still ok, no issues with that one touch wood 🪵