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DMT and opinions

I have found this site so helpful and love speaking to people with similar experiences to mine, get support and offer support. But I have not been using it as often as I used to as I sometimes I have left feeling negative or a bit upset. When I was first diagnosed I wanted Lemtrada, I was then devastated that I was not going to be offered it and the consultant told me I would not qualify for it. I reluctantly chose another treatment as I was told it was in my best interests to start a treatment early. I am now so pleased with the decision and happy with the treatment I am on at the moment. There were a few issues in the beginning as I am not a big eater and found myself having to force food down me just so I could take my meds. But now I feel better than I have for a few years and also 'normal' after only 4 weeks. The thing that upsets me is so many people believe that with out Lemtrada the disease will only get worse. I have a different view to this as I had a relative who had MS who never received any treatment as at the time there was non available....guess what? She made it well into her 80s and had a 'normal' life. So even though we can't guarantee our future, there is hope for some people. For all we know there is something worse than MS waiting round the corner. I am confident that my drug choice will delay any activity, and if that changes I will of course consider other treatments. Some people have been offered Lem and others not, I don't want to be made to feel any worse than I already do knowing that I am one who has not been offered it. So I ask people to be more sensitive when talking about drug choice, and if you are deciding on a treatment trust your consultant and if you don't ask for a second opinion. I wanted Lem, couldn't get it, but I am confident that my future is still good. Nothing is a cure, nothing is a guarantee. Please no negative comments. I just want people to know that some are more sensitive than others and pushing something that is not available to everyone is disheartening. I know this because I am one of those people. Have a good day everyone! Stay positive and happy :)