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Mission: Silence

Hi all, we're excited to announce a new fundraising campaign for Shift.ms - Mission: Silence. In short it's a 48 hour sponsored silence from 7pm on Thursday 20th November to 7pm on Saturday 22nd November. Please visit www.silence.ms to sign up or to find out more. Why a sponsored silence? 1) The event will raise funds to allow Shift.ms to reach and help MSers support each other through diagnosis and beyond. MS is a silent and often isolating disease. By joining the Shift.ms community, MSers can break the silence and talk to others who understand. 2) Unlike many endurance fundraising campaigns, the 48 hour silence is open to all, no matter of your fitness or mobility level. All you've got to do is stay quite for 48 hours... Don't let work / family etc. get in your way - we're encouraging everyone taking part to continue with their life; going to work, going out with friends, looking after your kids etc. - we just ask you to do it silently. Sign up at www.silence.ms and we'll send you a silence pack that will help you communicate the challenge. Are you in?