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From Relapsing Remitting MS to Secondary Progressive - questions please!

Hi all, We've got Prof Alan Thompson from the Institute of Neurology in London lined up to respond to your questions about the transition from Relapsing Remitting MS to Secondary Progressive MS. Professor Thompson is a world leader when it comes to progressive MS and this is your chance to ask him the questions you might have about when Relapsing Remitting becomes more progressive. Please leave your questions below and in April we will ask him your questions on video. Thanks, George

Does the recovery from relapses tend get less as you approach the Secondary Progressive MS phase?


LDN seems to be the only treatment option available to Progressive MS patients. Whilst its efficacy is not fully proven and it would be an "off-label" usage, why is it not even offered even though it is easily obtained privately? Surely, the potential benefits, at a cheap price, would condone the "off label" usage, if the patient insists?