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So many relapses, will it ever slow down?

I've got a soft diagnosis of "very likely RRMS". They've done the lumbar puncture and two MRIs and Ive got an appointment to go through all the results on Monday with neurology. It's all happened since February (though I now recognise first relapse was December) so still getting to grips with it all. I woke up on Monday with an intermittent feeling of jelly legs (so a bit different to my previous numbness) and this is now a continuous feeling so I think it may be another relapse. Gp told me to wait for my neurology appointment and to just let them know if it gets worse. My big worry is that this would put me up to 4 relapses in 6 months! Did others start off with lots of relapses in a short period? And does it settle down over time? Is it just a case of knowing what triggers them better? Just feeling a bit worried that this is a bad sign of what's to come

Hi @frankicesca sorry you’re going through an anxious time right now, I was diagnosed September and I’m also in for a follow up with my neuro on Monday to go through everything (again!). My MS I believe started 6 yrs ago but didn’t start as highly active - I did have 3 relapses in 6 months leading up to my MRI and diagnosis so I understand your concern. Once I was on the meds it settled but I’ll find out more on Monday as will you. I’m still trying to work out the difference between relapse and symptom but make sure you write everything down. It seems that your team are on the case so you may be on meds quickly too which hopefully will settle things down for you. All the best x


When active, MS can present a whole host of symptoms. If you have any infections, colds, etc.. my MS nurse explained that can trigger new symptoms related to current lesions. I have a very similar story to you. In October 2021, my entire left hand went numb. We suspected carpal tunnel. It then resolved by christmas/new year so I didn't go for the nerve conduction studies. In February of this year, I came home from work with pins and needles in my feet. Within a week I could barely walk and was numb from the waist down plus down my forearms and in the little finger and ring finger of both hands. This attack is what lead to my diagnosis. Since then, I have had 24-48 periods of varying symptoms. Namely vertigo, massive involuntary leg spasms and weakness, buckling at the knees, whole hand numbness both sides etc. I thought, like you, I was just having relapse after relapse after relapse. What my MS nurse said is that these symptoms could be related to the same lesions causing my primary symptoms back in February and exacerbated by stress, anxiety, unknown infections etc. Lots of things can cause these flares. So try not to panic, keep a diary, discuss it with your team and they will work out what is what. Wishing you all the best - I really understand how you're feeling right now.