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Tysabri and JCV

I got diagnosed with MS in October and started on Tysabri in December however, I tested positive for the JC Virus. Did any body else test positive at the start of their treatment and still continue with Tysabri?

Dear @evecockerham, I started off jc- for a couple of years, then switched to jc+. Happily, after my next 6 monthly blood test, I returned to jc-. You can switch back and forth. Even if you remain js+, your medical team will keep a very close eye on the situation, and monitor your titre numbers. They will keep you on it for as long as possible. It's a very good DMT. So, going jc+ doesn't necessarily mean the end of Tysabri. Good luck, and best wishes, Jon


@wjgregg Thank you Jon! I was worried about the risk of PML so that is good to know! My MS was described as highly active rapidly evolving so my MS team told me Tysabri is the best option I have for giving me the best chance for a normal life!