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Tysabri vs Ocrevus ?

Hi ☺️ currently I am on Tysabri, have been for 9 months since diagnosis with so far very positive results (no relapses, symptoms, JC negative, etc), however my biggest pain point is the monthly infusions. Having discussed this with my neurologist he has suggested that I could choose to switch to Ocrevus over the summer which would mean I only have the infusion twice a year! For me this is great news, but I wanted to ask if anyone else has made a similar decision switching to Ocrevus? And if so how the experience was in general as currently my only worry is that the treatment will not work as well as Tysabri has for me. Thanks!

They’re both high efficacy meds so choosing the one that is best for your lifestyle is ok. But… precious few of the population are jcv negative and there’s every chance that could change for you, which would either rule you out for Tysabri or make it higher risk. You would always have Ocrevus in reserve then? Ocrevus so far working for me, and the infusions are fairly low hassle. The other option is that some areas Tysabri is available by subcut injection (they gave me a leaflet for it when I was choosing). You’d do this at home yourself. I don’t know if it’s worth asking about it?


@mellowmedusa I would have loved to consider the injections for the freedom that would come with it, however I’m sure when I asked this it is not available in Spain. I believe this is the reason for considering Ocrevus since it is safer to make the change within the first year. But I’m glad to hear that Ocrevus is working for you and the experience is good :)