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Another poem

Morning MSdebators, here is round two of my once in a blue moon cogs actually ticking poem writing a thin type thing...... Sit down and get comfy, and listen, you’ll see, il tell you a story of what’s matter wi me. I woke up one morn, at the arsecrack of dawn, my eyes were beggered, I could see nowt, I Felt all forlorn. So I went for a eye test, which turns out to be optical myelitis, which could be worse at least it’s not Infectious hepatitis. Weird prickly sensations, cannabis to get baked on, this ones widespread across the ms debating nation. Not much neurological function, quite often results on, brain farts a plenty and no fecking gumption. Chronic fatigue, Iv hit the big league, I’m clumsy and break stuff, a walking blitzkrieg. Choruses of you don’t look sick, you can all eat a dick, I walk like a penguin, In a bush I may shit. Legs like floppy dildos, and feet that are froze, it sounds far fetched but I can’t even feel me bloody toes. Me eggs are all scrambled, me noggin is fogging, my gears are all creaky, me engine is knocking. Me bomb doors are knackered, I dare not even fart, for a giant turd may escape and that I do not want to part. My bladders on strike, can’t get anything right, suppose it’s all down the this bloody multiple screroseARSE shite. Now you know what the half is, and what Farse this ms Biz. I could reminisce but I’m scared that in me keks I will piss, so I bid you adieu, a cee thee to you, iv been hangin on too long & I’m rushing tet loo...