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Tysabri or Lemtrada?

Hi everyone, I have recently been diagnosed with RES MS as I have had 3 relapses since the disease onset in June. I am due to start treatment very soon, hopefully in January. I have been told that I need to choose between Lemtrada or Tysabri (depending on whether i'm JC +/-). Please can you advise me if you have or are currently on these DMTs and share your experiences/opinions with me? Thank you!

Both treatments are amazing at slowing the disease down(I've been on both!)Tysabri requires you to show up at a clinic once a month & Lemtrada is a two-three cycle perfusion you'll have and than you won't have to take any other medication for Ms "hopefully". don't rush it you'll get it right with your healthcare team. Just think about what's essential (goals,projects,etc.) but don't overwhelm yourself too much with MS. You got this!✊


Hi! I had Lemtrada in 2016 and 2017. I've had highly active MS before and have had 5 stable MRIs, hopefully followed by a sixth stable scan this Saturday! 🤞 Happy to chat about my experience if you'd like to ❤️