Back to Work

I’m back to work after having the summer off, I’m an EA in our local school. I’m excited to get back and I’m working more one on one with a student this year but also nervous knowing I won’t have the time to rest like I have this summer. I’ve allowed myself to take more time to recharge after a busy day all summer long and we will be back to our full schedule of working full time, two kids in multiple activities and just next to zero down time. Trying to keep a positive mindset that it will be all good but last year my fatigue was really, really hard most days. I’m as active as I can be (I get numb/buzzing in whatever area I’m working out which sometimes makes it so I have to stop an exercise sooner than I’d like…I’m working on finding balance with that) and I eat generally quite healthy/cut back to low sugar and a few other inflammatory foods…any tips for battling fatigue while being a full time working mom?