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Is this MS hug?

Hi, Looking for some advice really. I have had MS for 8 years now and medics believe (after months of decline and no remission) that I have started on the path of secondary progressive. Since last summer, I became a full time wheelchair user due to a severe relapse leaving my left leg paralysed. Since then, I have been adapting to life as a wheelchair mother of two young boys (4 & 2 years), working almost full time and generally caring for a house the best I can. To get around, I use a self propelled manual wheelchair and to drive, I dismantle the chair to lift over me and put it on the passenger seat. 9 days ago, I noticed some pain in my ribs on the right side. This was mainly when moving and was a sharp stab of pain then would fade to a dull pain but never go away. This area was located just under my breast I would say. It was tender to touch. I put up with it for a few days before calling my GP where the receptionist offered a phone appointment with a physio. I spoke to him and he suggested hot and cold therapies as well as massaging throughout the day. I have done all of those things throughout the week and the pain is just getting worse. It's now a solid 7/10 all of the time but moving around, taking a deeper than normal breath or anything like that is 10/10 and I actually cry out in pain. It's affecting my ability to enjoy daily life, go out independently and go to work because I simply can't push myself in my wheelchair as well as sleeping because I can just feel pain all of the time. I have tried paracetamol, ibuprofen and cocodamol to no avail. The pain from my right ribs now radiates up to the top of my back and I feel like the whole top of my back is so fragile and weak. I googled and found MS hug. Is this anything anyone else has experienced? If so, was it the MS hug? I'm going to go and seek more medical advice tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

@chloeautumnx You might find this helpful. https://mstrust.org.uk/a-z/ms-hug


I’ve had that same kind of pain didn’t even know why till I found out is the MS hug is the worst feeling, I try to stretch or move my body side to side seems to help a bit. Hope you are doing bette!