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Restarting Fingolimod during Coronavirus

Hi, Hope everyone is doing ok during these surreal times. I had my 2nd baby in January and was due to restart meds postnatally but it was delayed due to the current crisis. I've been well despite the increased risk after a baby but my neuro rang and advised me to go back on to keep the risk of relapse down. She also advised an MRI etc. but I am terrified about the immunosuppressive nature of the meds and not seeing my little boys grow up if I got v.sick with Coronavirus. I have decided against the MRI at present as it won't change my treatment plan presently and I want to avoid hospitals at present. My GP is willing to do blood monitoring and my baseline ECG so I could restart with minimal exposure. However, the consequential immunosuppression has started to give me wakeful hours and I don't know what's the best decision. Alternative DMTs are not options as injectables make me very sick and I'm at home with a newborn and a near 2 year old so my days are chaotic happiness. We want to return to live in Ireland as soon as is practical and I don't want being on meds to increase the anxiety of that journey via airline most likely. Would appreciate any words of wisdom.. E

www.ms-selfie.com may help answer your questions.


Hello, at @cailindeas. I'm in an opposite position. I was due to move on to Ocrevus (after new MS activity) I was dosed with alemtuzumab 4 years ago. But due to coronavirus I now can't begin to be dosed with the drug, meanwhile I am living with pain. I think the website above is really good also the MS reporter videos should prove useful, here on shift. Good luck C