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Another relapse? Advice please ;-(

Hi everyone. I don't post very much on here although I do look in from time to time - but I need some of your advice and I will try to be brief! I was dx in 2003 after having a pretty bad relapse which resulted in having steroids. I then went 10 years without anything (or nothing huge that was noticeable) then ended up having something called sixth nerve palsy in Oct 2013 which caused blurred vision and took a few months to go (was not given any meds). Anyway, after having a decompression operation on my shoulder at the beg of Nov 2014, I have had another relapse. About 1-2 weeks after my op I started having very tight muscles in my legs (all over but worse in thighs). Now, this got worse over the following few weeks and since then has been the same with no sign of improving. (I can bend my legs although knees are becoming very stiff and sore and can walk small distances although it's uncomfortable.) I am just not sure what to do and I don't feel I'm getting that much support from my ms nurse. Yes, muscle relaxants have been talked about but I was hoping things would improve and they wouldn't be needed. But I'm finding things quite tough physically and mentally. I know some of you are facing a more difficult time so I apologise if it sounds 'small fry'. Any ideas what I should do - should I go on the muscle relaxants in the meantime and when would steroids be prescribed? I am not on any DMD's so it's a bit hard getting my head round taking meds for my MS which has been fine in the past. Also, has anyone had a relapse after having a general anaesthetic and surgery? Thanks for your help.