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overdone it?

hello friends :) I've been reading shift.ms for a while now. I'm Sylwia from Poland. I have quite agressive MS - relapses every month now :( I've already tried Extavia, Gilenya - on the second one I had 2 relapses/year. But it was too much for Polish health law and they took that away from me. Soon after stopping it I started having 1 relapse per month. It sucks. Now I'm waiting for Lemtrada treatment, but it'll take time for Polish hospitals to get this medicine. Last week I was doing too much I guess and I think I could overdone it. My legs are shaking, I have zero balance. I just hope it's not new relapse since I had one 3 weeks ago. I'm SO depressed. I'm taking medicine for it, but since these problems with walking started I can't stop crying. I just need your suport, friends, because I know you can't do nothing else for me. Maybe any advice?

@billybilo , we all need to learn to manage our MS. One of the basic principles is being able to "listen to our body". Our body will always give us a sign if we are doing something is doesn't like. We need to accept these warnings and modify what we are doing, to remove the excesses and the stress. Stress in itself is a major agitator of MS and stressful situations need to be avoided. Good luck in getting the medication you need.


I hate to think of you crying....it's so sad. I'm also 'a wobbler' - no balance and using someone else's legs! And it's not good, but I tell myself ' things could be worse'. And believe me, they surely could. No one here is without problems. As@stumbler says ' stress is a major agitator of MS' so try to be positive for your own sake. After having a good cry try saying' Right, that's it. I'm not going to let the bugger get to me!' I know it's seems a load of bullshit but honestly, it's amazing what a bit of positive thinking can do. Tell it to F off ..... Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts....xx